• A group of prayers inspired by Christians who just wants the best for this world. They can be recounted by anyone so moved by the words and ready to make a change.

A Prayer For

The Nations of the World

O, Eternal Lord God, creator of heaven and earth, ruler of all things visible and invisible, the lover of souls and the source of our salvation; bless Jamaica and other countries with your love and divine grace. You have called these nations into being to provide space for your kingdom to be manifested. You have provided us with leaders chosen to be your instruments of justice to our people. Remind our nations’ leaders that they are chosen by you to administer the offices and institutions of your world. Remind us that we are to provide the support and encouragement necessary to enable our leaders to perform the tasks you have given to them. Leaders in the political and other spheres of life tend to forget that we are all ultimately accountable to you, our chief steward. Inspire the leaders of our nations to serve your people out of an acknowledgement of our call to serve you. Since the whole world is yours remind us that it is your will that all persons come to knowledge of you as Lord and God. Bless the government and people of our nations; fill us with the zeal to build up each other so that your people will find in our lands sources of help for each other. Herein we pray especially for young people in universities and colleges, in high schools and in other educational institutions. Inspire them with a thirst for knowledge and faith and fill them with hope for the future. Though often daunted by the challenges before them, especially the prospect of employment and other opportunities, we pray that you will instill in them enthusiasm for life and a constant search for truth. Remind our people that you, O God, are the creator of heaven and earth and that all things work for good to those who love you. Calm our fear, allay our anxieties and enable us to trust you always for the provision of our necessities. We ask these things in and through the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

Lord fill us with the zeal to build up each other so that your people will find in our lands sources of help and each other. Amen.


Prayer written by: Canon Garth Minott