Dear Valued Customer:
                                                   NWC CUSTOMER CENSUS MAPPING UNDERWAY IN KSA
Please be advised that the National Water Commission (NWC) is now conducting a Customer Census Mapping Project
in Kingston and St. Andrew as the start of an island wide service improvement effort.  The project involves a door-to-door survey of existing and potential NWC customers and mapping them using global positioning system (GPS) devices. All project activities will be done between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily. All project representatives will also be properly identified.
The project will ultimately result in better water and wastewater service delivery, improved responsiveness to complaints, and better customer service.  We urge your full cooperation and assistance in facilitating this Customer Census Mapping Project as we work to continuously improve our service to you our valued customers.
The Customer Census Mapping Project will last for several months in the KSA and will later be implemented in other parishes.
For further information, you may contact the Community Relations Department (Eastern) at 733-5636-7 or the Corporate Public Relations Department at 929-1128, 929-5430-5 or