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Reading Association [ 1 John 01:5-9 ; Matthew 05:15-16 ]

Discipleship as Glowing Waters

There are plankton or small and microscopic organisms drifting or floating in the sea or fresh water all over the world with unique abilities.  They can give off light; and the spectacular display of brightness and vivid colours is an awesome sight to behold.  Puerto Rico, Mauritius and Jamaica are some of the countries that experience the beautiful light show from bioluminescent or star like plankton.

Science explains that plankton gained the ability to light up when they are threatened by predators.  The idea is that the sparks of light would startle their would-be attackers, giving the plankton a chance to escape.  I guess these are the measures one must take when one is in demand on the food chain.  Plankton have become so sensitive to predators that they now glow for almost any kind of movement in their vicinity: from a hand wading in the water to waves crashing against the rocks. With all these motions taking place continuously, it is even more spectacular when you realize that the plankton never tire of glowing; and even seem to glow brighter as more activities take place around them.

Is it not amazing and wonderful how nature easily performs the tasks that God wants us to do as his children?  As we go through life each day we are faced with so many movements and activities around us – whether good or bad.  A hand stirring the water for the plankton could be a lost job opportunity or a departed loved one for us.  The waves pushing the plankton against some jagged rocks could be for us an approaching hurricane or an unknown depression.  God desires that we as disciples glow brightly even during these trying times by praying constantly, giving thanks for all the good things He has done, smiling at the world even if it frowns at us; and even helping our enemies as they plot against us.  It is tough to “let your light so shine” (Matthew 05:15-16) on earth but we must realize that with God’s help we can overcome any hurdle.

However, the plankton also glows when the motions are not threatening.  God desires us as intentional disciples to light up the world during the good times as well.  What may be gentle waves could be our new born baby, finally being able to pay off the mortgage, getting some alone time, and, being able to see the beauty in the world around us.

As disciples of Christ our lamps must always be burning brightly (1 John 01:5-9), letting everyone around us know that we all are children of God and that we are happy to be a part of God’s family. Let us endeavor to glow like the bioluminescent plankton and strive to have a better and even closer walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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