Archived Bulletins and Orders of Service


This is a collection of all of the bulletin and Order of Service sheets that have been posted here on this website for the UWI Mona Anglican Community in Kingston, Jamaica.  Most of the services take place on Sundays at 07:00AM and all are welcomed to come along and worship with us.
The Order of Service provides a listing of the chronological parts of the service for that day and it includes the readings, Psalms and song selections for that day. At the back of the document (which ends up showing to the left of the first page in the PDF document) there is also a Bulletin with little notes from the clergy and the congregation which can take the form of prayers, paragraphs of insight; and upcoming spiritual and social events (which are also reflected on the website’s calendar system). These are all after thoughts that any member or non-member can peruse during the week and may help in their spiritual preparations for future events. A thought-provoking imagery graces the front of the document (to the top-right of the PDF document) and represents something about the special day of prayer and worship. It can be the catalyst for some worshipers to come nearer to God; and for others it can be the fuel that helps to keep the fire burning brightly as a beacon and lighthouse to others around them.