• A group of prayers inspired by Christians who just wants the best for this world. They can be recounted by anyone so moved by the words and ready to make a change.

A Prayer For Discipleship

Let us Pray for Discipleship

God of wisdom, love and peace, we praise and give you thanks for the resurrection of your Son, Jesus Christ; we celebrate the joy we have received in this new life and we give you thanks for the opportunity to be living the reality of the resurrection. Inspire us, by your grace, to re-commit ourselves to the life of intentional discipleship. Here we surrender ourselves to the life of Jesus who called us in baptism to be faithful servants in discipleship. As followers of Christ we commit to follow him as Andrew of old did in response to your invitation. Help us to perceive new Galilean seas where we are today so that we may respond to your call to be faithful disciples. All this we ask through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer written by: Canon Garth Minott